Selection Procedure

The College accepts students regardless of race, religious belief, gender, or sexual orientation. Selection takes place on the basis of prior education, attitude, and aptitude for the hospitality and tourism industry, and willingness to cooperate with the College’s educational, cultural and social requirements.

The application requirements for seeking admission to the Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, and Diploma programs are as follows.

Secondary general or vocational education, or higher education.

Advanced Entry
Holders of an Associate Degree in Hospitality and/or Tourism Management or other equivalent or higher professional qualification may seek admission to the third year of the four-year Bachelor’s Degree program.

Mature Age Entry
Students who are 21 years of age or older who do not qualify for matriculation into the above programs by the indicated standards may be admitted to the College based on their:
a. Prior education
b. Work experience
c. Maturity

a. A College student who withdraws from college and intends to return for the ensuing academic year may assume re-acceptance, unless notified otherwise by the Student Admission Committee.
b. A student who is re-admitted after withdrawing from the College for one year or longer, must update the personal information by filling in the enrollment forms. If the student has attended another College/University since the last enrollment, an official transcript from that institution must be submitted. The current curriculum will be in effect.

Occasional Student
A student pursuing a course not leading to a degree or other qualification assigned by the College is not required to fulfill all the entry requirements, but must ensure the Academic Committee of his/her educational suitability to pursue the course.