The College is committed to providing a healthy and supportive learning environment which is discrimination free, smoke free, drug free, and crime free.

The main support services available to the students are:

• Administrative Support Office

• Academic Committee

• Counselling

• Internship placement

• Financial Aid

• Student Rules and Regulation

Administrative Support Office

The Administrative Support Office and the teaching staff make themselves available to students for face-to-face guidance on administrative and academic matters and can also be contacted by the students through the College e-mail addresses.

Academic Committee

The Committee is responsible for assuring the quality of academic activities and makes recommendations on student admission and academic strategic issues. Students are entitled to appeal against their report grades within seven days from the announcement of the results.


The Student Counsellor offers a professional service on a confidential basis to students who are experiencing difficulties which may be affecting their work. The Counsellor also delivers workshops on life skills, and supports the Student Event Team.

Internship Placement

The students are responsible for finding internship placement for themselves. Approval of Academic Committee is required to complete the internship at a specific location of their choice. Students may also apply for assistance in finding internship placement.

IT Service

The College offers free Wireless Internet access for all students and staff. The computer facilities are available to all users to support their educational activities.

Financial Aid

The College provides higher education at affordable prices. Students who are currently not in a position to make full payment of the annual College Fees can apply for one of our flexible Installment Plans.

Student Rules and Regulations

Students undertaking programs leading to a professional qualification are required to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to that profession. The Student Rules and Regulation serve to enhance the quality of the academic programs and help instill professional etiquette and ethics in the students, so that they are able to acquire and keep a supervisory or managerial position in a first-class hospitality or tourism organization anywhere in the world.