Program Description

This degree program provides the kind of education needed by tomorrow’s managers. It comprises business, management and development courses. Students learn to master the operational skills that make hospitality-tourism properties thrive. The mandatory internships, research projects and special events expose students to the practical aspects of this exciting industry and enhance the students’ academic and professional experience while they contribute to their personal and social growth as well. The last phase of this degree program focuses on conducting quantitative and qualitative field research, implementing strategies to solve business challenges, contributing to the development of new tourism products, and providing students with the tools they need to set up their own business.

Career Opportunities

This degree program prepares students for middle management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry. As hospitality and tourism is a continuously expanding industry, career opportunities are increasing rapidly.

Educational Methods

Interactive Student-Centred Classroom Learning, Online Learning, Experiential Learning, and Onsite Learning.

Entry Levels and Requirements

1. The prerequisites for being admitted to Bachelor Degree program are as follows.

Secondary general or vocational education, or higher education:

HAVO, VWO; AMTO, NATIN; API, CPI; CXC, CAPE; High School, etc.

2. Mature Entry

Students who are 21 years of age or older but do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission by the Academic Committee based on their:

• Prior learning

• Work experience

• Maturity

3. Advanced Entry

Holders of a Hospitality Management Diploma, or an Associate Degree in Hospitality or Tourism Management, or equivalent professional education, or higher professional qualification may seek admission to the third year of the Bachelor Degree program.

4. Transfer Students

IHTC’s transfer policy permits acceptance of course credits earned at other colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning. Students must submit an official transcript from these institutions when applying for admission to IHTC. They may be admitted to the second, third or fourth year of the Bachelor Degree program depending on the number of transfer credits.

Four-Year BHTM Curriculum

Specialized/ Career Oriented

Management and Development Courses

• Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

• Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations

• Restaurant Service Skills

• Quality Customer Care

• English for Hospitality and Tourism

• Personal and Career Development

• Managing Housekeeping Operations

• Hospitality Supervision

• Dimensions of Tourism

• Public Speaking

• English Commercial Correspondence

• Business Ethics and Etiquette

• Managing Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace

• Managing Front Office Operations

• Academic Writing and Critical Thinking

• Spanish for Hospitality and Tourism

• Hotel Security Awareness

• Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry

• Ecotourism and Sustainable Development

• Event Planning and Protocol & Special Event Project

• Hotel and Restaurant Accounting

• Hospitality Sales and Marketing

• Cultural and Historical Heritage Tourism I & II – Marketing and Management

• Community-Based Tourism – Project Development

• Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations

• Business Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

• Tourism Research Project: Overseas Field Trip

• Destination Marketing and Management

• Research Methodology

• Managing Hospitality Human Resources

• Understanding Hospitality Law

• Workplace Psychology

• Negotiation Techniques

• Meeting and Event Management

• Environmental Management – Rainforest Research Project

• Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

• Community Service

• Final Research Project: Thesis & Oral Presentation

• Internship I – Line Level

• Internship II – Advanced Level, Local or International

Certificates and Diplomas

Students who successfully complete the BHTM program will be awarded the following

American certificates:

• Nine (9) AHLEI Certificates of Completion

• Five (5) AHA Certificates of Completion

Academic Minor

Academic minors are not mandatory, but they enhance the value of your major in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Many employers look for employees who are specialized in specific sectors, and they may be willing to pay such individuals more than the salary generally offered.

An Academic Minor course must be completed together with the Bachelor Degree program. Students taking the BHTM program can apply for the following Minors.

• A Minor in Meeting and Event Management

• A Minor in Ecotourism Management

Further details are available from the IHTC Administrative Support Office.

Graduation Requirements

IHTC awards the Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management to students who meet the College’s academic and professional standards.

Students are required to successfully complete:

• All the courses on the BHTM curriculum; (120 American credits)

• A 6-month internship or work in the hospitality/tourism industry for 6 months.

(10 American credits)

International Hospitality and Tourism College