The historic character of the Wooden City in the UNESCO World Heritage Triangle in the capital of Suriname, the surrounding villages and old plantations in rural areas, and the indigenous people and descendants of the Maroons living in the pristine rainforest with its amazing flora and fauna offer significant opportunities to develop several forms of Eco and Adventure tourism in Suriname. This 7-course program provides the academic knowledge and practical skills relevant to attract tourists as well as host community residents.


1 Dimensions of Tourism

2 Cultural and Historical Heritage

3 Cultural and Heritage Tourism: Marketing and Management

4 Destination Marketing and Management

5 Overseas Research Project: 7-10 Day Field Trip

6 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Local Research Project: 1-Day Field Trip

7 Final Research Project: Major Project, e.g. Tribal Tourism


IHTC awards a Certificate of Specialization in Ecotourism Management to students who:

• Meet the College’s academic standards;

• Successfully complete the courses and projects on the Curriculum;

• Successfully complete a 3-month internship in the Tourism industry, or work in this field for 3 months.