Program Description

This 8-course program provides a solid overview of the operational aspects of a successful hospitality operation. You will be ready for a wide variety of operational areas after completing the required curriculum.


• Hospitality Today: An Introduction

• Managing Service of Food and Beverage Operations

• Managing Front Office Operations

• Managing Housekeeping Operations

• Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

• Hotel and Restaurant Accounting

• Managing Hospitality Human Resources

• Hospitality Sales and Marketing


Students who successfully complete the 8 AHLEI courses on the curriculum will receive an AHLEI Certificate of Completion for each of these courses.

The AHLEI Hospitality Operations Certificate will be awarded to students who:

a. Successfully completed all the 8 courses on the Hospitality Operations curriculum

b. Successfully completed a 3-month internship or worked in a hospitality/ tourism organization for 3 months