Where to Apply

Please apply via the CIS recruiting agency if you are from Africa or Asia: www.cenis.co.uk

The information supplied by CIS and on the IHTC website www.inthtc.com will help you make the right decision regarding your study choice.

Admission Process for International Students

1. Complete the Admission Application Form.

2. The Admission Process includes:

a. An admission interview to determine the applicant’s interest in hospitality and tourism and his/her aptitude for this industry;

b. One of these accepted language tests:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

3. Required Documents

Applicants need to submit the following documents to the CIS.

• Completed Application Form

• Two recent passport photos

• *Photocopy of valid passport

• *Photocopy of valid visa

• *Photocopy Personal ID card

• Health Certificate

• Certificate of good conduct

• English language proficiency certificate: TOEFL or IELTS

• Proof that you can support your studies

• *Photocopy of grade report or academic transcript from last school

• *Photocopy of certificates/diplomas

• A signed record of work experience (working students only)

• Signed letter of guarantee for minors. Parent or legal guardian/ representative of student signs a declaration by which he/she assumes responsibility for the student to abide by the Laws of Suriname and the Rules and Regulations of IHTC.

* Document Authenticity

Applicants must submit the original documents of all photocopies to the CIS to prove their authenticity.


Applications are being accepted NOW!

4. Application Deadlines

IHTC implements a two-semester system.

Enrollment for the October 2020 – February 2021 semester

Please submit your application before or on September 8, 2020.

Closing date: September 8, 2020.

Starting date: October 12 , 2020

Enrollment for the March 2021 – August 2021 semester

Please submit your application before or on February 8, 2021.

Closing date: February 8, 2021.

Starting date: March 8, 2021

Late Enrolment

Students could apply for enrolment after the closing date from the Admission Committee. Permission to enroll will be granted at the College's discretion and is subject to the availability of places in the program. Students who enroll after the closing date will be charged an additional fee for late enrolment.

5. Final Steps

After receiving your Letter of Admission you need to take a few extra steps.

• Apply for a visa as soon as possible. Check with the embassy/consulate in your area for details.

• Within 8 days of your arrival in Suriname, you must apply for an MKV Visa, which is a Temporary Stay Visa. The details will be mailed to you.

• Arrange a health insurance plan which covers accidental injury, medical treatment and hospital costs. Further details will be sent to you by mail.


The MKV Visa is a matter of the (1.) Ministry of Justice and Police and (2.) the Ministry of Labour.

• Therefore all documents submitted at the Suriname Embassy are forwarded to these Ministries. Original documents intended for the Ministry of Justice and Police will not be returned.

• The applicant is not eligible for tourist or business visa during the period (3 months) in which his/her application is pending.

• The applicant should travel with all the original documents to Suriname for applying for the temporary stay permit at the Alien Registration Office (Vreemdelingen Zaken) and to register at the municipal office (Centraal Bureau voor Burgerzaken, CBB).

• After approval of the MKV the applicant must submit a valid medical insurance for the period of stay in Suriname. Documents such as birth certificate, marital status and death certificate should be obtained at the municipal centre in the residing state/region. Affidavits will not be accepted

Visa Requirements

You need the following documents to apply for a visa.

1. A completed Visa Application Form

2. Two (2) recent passport photographs* (see instructions)

3. Notarized copies of all the written pages of the passport (stamps, visas, etc.). Validity of the passport must be at least 6 months.

4. A copy of the original birth certificate translated in English or Dutch with Apostille or notarized.

5. A copy of the original married/unmarried/divorced/widowhood certificate translated in English or Dutch with Apostille or notarized

6. An original certificate of good conduct with Apostille or notarized

7. Certificate of good health translated in English or Dutch and notarized

8. In case of internship placement: a copy of internship contract

9. In case of volunteering: a confirmation letter or contract of the organization

10. In case of employment:

• A copy of the contract, employer's reference letter, work permit, passport copy/ID card and residence permit

• Translated and notarized copies of diplomas and certificates that should indicate a specific qualification. Translation should be in Dutch or English.

• A declaration or certificate of previous employer (s) to substantiate experience in specific areas. In particular, when it comes to applications / functions where no special training is required but skills and knowledge obtained from experience.

11. Demand draft of USD 20,-

12. An authenticated authorization of the parents and the copy of a birth certificate with apostille or notarized in case of:

1. A child( up to 17 years) traveling alone

2. A child (up to 17 years) traveling with one of the parent (with consent of the second parent)

13. In case of guardianship/adoption of a minor up to 17 years a copy of the judicial decision with apostille or notarized.

Passport Photo Instructions

• Taken recently, not longer than 3 months

• Dimensions 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm

• In colour, with good contrast

• Sized, so the head is centered in the middle.

• Neutral expression and both eyes open

• No headgear

• No hair on forehead

• Both ears need to be shown

• Prescription glasses are allowed, no glare from flash should be visible on glasses.

• Taken head-on in front of a plain white or off-white background

• Name and passport number must be mentioned on the back of the photos.

College Fees

Details of the fees and costs will be provided by CIS.

International Hospitality and Tourism College